Spring 2023

Duet Performance in Göteborg & Vitlycke with Richard Widerberg, photo Lisa Larsdotter Petersson

The project included duet performance APRILIMPROVISATIONER with Richard Widerberg, at Vitlycke - centre for Performing Arts in Tanum, April 1st.

APRLIMPROVISATIONER was a collaboration between Lisa Larsdotter Petersson, Francesco Scavetta and Vitlycke - CPA.

Other guests in APRILIMPROVISATIONER at Vitlycke - CPA was Gry Kipperberg, Henrik Olsson, Karin Johansson and Catherine Magill.

With support from Kulturrådet & Vitlycke - CPA. Thanks to Atalante, Danscentrum Väst, Brötz, Cinnober, Christian Huls.

Solo and duet showings including dance, imageri, text, music, sound, voice, guests at Cinnober Teater, via Atalante residency, Göteborg, April -23.

Thanks to Atalante, Danscentrum Väst, Brötz, Cinnober.

Solo showing & conversation about the work etc., at Danscentrum Väst in Göteborg, March -23.

Thanks to Danscentrum Väst.

Work with site specific video, text etc.

Teaser sound/text - Lisa Larsdotter Petersson/Richard Widerberg