Work coming upp 2022-2023

Performing duet with Peter Janson at Fylkingen Stockholm, May 20th 2022.

Teaching workshop, movement improvisation, outdoor Göteborg May 28-29 & June 4-5 2022.

Exhibiting installation work at OPEN ART Örebro, June 18th - September 4th 2022.

Exhibiting at Nemeshallen Mölnlycke, with Lillemor Petersson, January-February 2023.

Exchange, performance etc. ASH & GUM, with Catherine Magill (AU), Sweden & Australia 2021-2023.

Performing at 13 Festivalen, Konstepidemin Göteborg 2023.

Work close in time 2020-2021

Ensamble performance outdoor "Dansens Dag 2022", Gothenburg.

Solo & duet performance 10-21 WING IT, 2021.

Solo performance Two Now, 2021

Duet performance Humanography, 2021.

Produced, published VARIA2004-2021 book, available at 3:e Våningen & VARIA website.

Produced, published video, photo documentation, VARIA2021.

Interview at Atalante, 2021.

"Animalis Fabula" public work (Trafikverket), Göteborg 2020, Animalis Fabula video-documentation & Animalis Fabula photo.

"Labyintens öga" public work (Park & Miljö/Göteborgs Stad), Slottskogen Göteborg 2020, address link here.

Work in progress 2020-23, Rubrum Album (Rödlistan), animals on their way of disappearing, cartoon stencil technique.

Updates can be expected here, and/or at gallery, stage, studio.

Solo work, woods of Rudalen, Göteborg spring 2022, photo Minna Elif Wendin & 10-21 WING IT, Vegby Ulricehamn fall 2021, foto Benedikte Esperi