at the moment

VIDARE duet performance Högsbo Kyrka, Göteborg, March 10th at 17.00/free admission (more info soon).

Performing solo online in "Brief Moment of Solidarity in a World that's Gone Mad" March 29, an Andrew Morrish performance project for 2024.

Arranging several VIDARE duet performances in Västra Götalandsregionen and Göteborg fall -24 (more info soon).

Working with images for upcoming exhibitions.

Part of Open Art work, Örebro -22, photo Lisa Larsdotter Petersson.                                                 Biotop No1, Photo Larsdotter/Wartel                   

passed but close in time

Video-work "rapture reconsider reveal", Folk, Kultur/Mer Dans åt Folket, Lokomotivet Eskilstuna -24.

Biotop No1, duet performance Expro Stage in Göteborg -23.

Duet work/practice with sound-artist Richard Widerberg & drummer Henrik Wartel -23.

Short-cut/video Lisa & Lisa/Richard, short-cut sound Lisa & Richard, short-cut/video Lisa & Henrik.

Exhibition at Spot-Light Galleri 54, Göteborg -23.

Solo performance, Drömmarnas monument/Bubblan, Göteborg -23.

Solo performances, Dance Remainings/International Day of Dance, Götaplatsen Göteborg -23.

Solo & duet performance in Atalante residency, Cinnober Teater Göteborg -23.

APRILIMPROVISATIONER duet performance, Vitlycke centre for Performing Arts,Tanum -23.

Exhibition at Nemeshallen, Mölnlycke -23.

Performance at Bubblan, Göteborg -23.

Performance at 13 Festivalen, Konstepidemin Göteborg -23.

Exchange, residency, showings etc., Göteborg, Tanum etc. -23.

Updates can be expected here, and/or at gallery, stage, studio.