Work coming upp 2022-2023

Exhibiting at Dansfilmfestivalen, Ringön Göteborg, February 2022.

Performing at Fylkingen Stockholm, spring 2022 (more info soon).

Exhibiting summer 2022 (more info soon).

Exhibiting at Nemeshallen Mölnlycke, with Lillemor Petersson, January-February 2023.

Exchange, performance etc. ASH & GUM, with Catherine Magill (AU), Sweden & Australia 2021-2023.

Performing at 13 Festivalen, Konstepidemin Göteborg 2023.

Work close in time 2020-2021

Solo & duet performance 10-21 WING IT, 2021.

Solo performance Two Now, 2021

Duet performance Humanography, 2021.

Produced, published VARIA2004-2021 book, available at VARIA website.

Produced, published video, photo documentation, VARIA2021.

Interview at Atalante, 2021.

"Animalis Fabula" public work (Trafikverket), Göteborg 2020, Animalis Fabula video-documentation & Animalis Fabula photo.

"Labyintens öga" public work (Park & Miljö/Göteborgs Stad), Slottskogen Göteborg 2020, address link here.

Work in progress 2020-23, Rubrum Album (Rödlistan), animals on their way of disappearing, cartoon stencil technique.

Updates can be expected here, and/or at gallery, stage, studio.

Lisa Larsdotter Petersson, solo performance in 10-21 WING IT, Vegby Ulricehamn fall 2021, foto Benedikte Esperi