Sonja Anna-Lisa Larsdotter Petersson

Freelance performance and visual artist based in Göteborg, Sweden.


Performance Art

My field is Performance Improvisation where I in regular basis show solo-performance, take part in group-performance and teach performance improvisation skills. Since -04, I am also running VARIA Improvisation Festival in Göteborg along-side other projects that all is closely related to the Art of Improvisation.

Visual Art

Since several years I am working with drawing. I have done so over periods last couple of 30 years but at the moment I found a way that suits me and keeps me intrigued. I draw at the computer and then print on different material, such as canvas, paper, glass etc. I exhibited these drawings in Göteborg, Gislaved, Stockholm etc. and have exhibition coming up.

Next to drawing i frequently also work with photo, video, sound, sculpture and installation.

In selection below

More specific notes about my work, including diverse links (in blue) leading to documentation - video, articles, photo etc.


After studying visual art - Sculpture, Photography and Drawing alongside Philosophy in Sweden, Petersson went on to study the art of performance via dance and movement including Instant composition, Contact improvisation, Authentic movement, Voice-work and pedagogies in Sweden and Europe.

Petersson now exhibit visual-art in solo and in group-exhibitions on a regular basis. Examples of material used are drawings and prints, sculpture and installation, video and sound, text and words.

Since many years Petersson has initiated, produced and participated in several larger gatherings, events and projects of international and national artists (dance, music, theatre, light, film, performance etc.) who also wish to blend their disciplines by way of improvisation in live performance.

Using improvisation as an essential tool, she now combines all of these disciplines when creating her unique installations and performances of dance and movement-art. As well as presenting multi-disciplinary works in galleries, museums, theatres and site-specific locations.

Petersson has co-collaborated with among else choreographer, dancer Michael Schumacher (USA/NL), performance-artist Andrew Morrish (AU/FRA), visual artist Ola Åstrand (S) and several other well recognized artists.

Petersson received extended local, national and Nordic funding for several of her projects as-well as scholarship.


Kursverksamhetens Konstskola 1983 (S)

Hovedskous Målarskola 1984-87 (S)

School for New Dance Development 1993 (NL)

Studio Cascade 1993-94 (NL)

A variety of courses 1994-00 in (among others, abroad & in Sweden):

Visual arts - stone-carving, photo, layout.

Performance art - Instant composition, diverse modern techniques.

Other fields - pedagogy, philosophy.

CURRICULUM VITAE 1999-2019 (for previous work 1985-99 contact the artist)


Solo exhibition

Lilla Galleriet, Skärholmen -01.

Galleri PS -01.

Bohusgalleriet, Uddevalla -01.

Galleri Koch, Stenungsund –06.

Galleri PS, Göteborg -09.

Kulturhuset Borgen, Gislaved -09.

Stoltzenhagen, Germany -11.

Galleri Pannrummet, Konstepidemin Göteborg -12.

Galleri Koch, Stenungsund -13.

PID gallery for moving art and sound -14.

Atalante, Göteborg -15 & -16.

Nationalgalleriet, Stockholm -16.

Galleri PS, Göteborg -17.

Tillt, Göteborg -17.

Not Qiute, Oceanhallen plan 3, Fengersfors -19

Group exhibition

Wågermanska Konsthallen, Tjörn -06.

Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad, Hamburgsund -07.

LANDART, Skärholmen Hamburgsund -08.

Göteborgs Stadsbibliotek, Göteborg -09.

SHOOT Dance for Screen/Royal, Göteborg -10.

Atalante Göteborg -11.

Galleri Thomassen, Göteborg -15.

Cecil St Studio, Fitzroy Melbourne Australia -16.

Galleri 54, Göteborg -17.

Exhibition Review


VARIA2006-2019 Improvisation Festival

I initiated VARIA -04, and still participate in, along-side arrange, curate and produce the festival as exclusive international and Nordic Performance Improvisation event next to cross-cultural “meeting-point” for artists within dance, theatre, performance, music, sound, video and light etc. VARIA has been realized since -06 in Göteborg and in the West coast region of Sweden.

The projects include a great mix of performance, seminars and workshops etc. Numerous of international and local performers and artists alongside researchers has participated over the years. VARIA18 SHORT CUT was realezed during April 2018 and VARIA2018 Improvisation Festival in October -18.

Find more video, photo, text -documentation at the VARIA website.

VARIA2019 will be arranged in Göteborg October 12-19th, via among else support from Göteborgs Stad Kultur and Konstnärsnämnden.

Since -11, Jannine Rivel works for VARIA as co-producer.

Solo performances in "white box" format 2015-2019

Me and college Maria Mebius-Schröder has been working for several years with Performance Improvisation in practice and in performance. During -15-17 we presented several performance evenings in gallery format. 2018 we received a project-grant for "Solo 2018 - Performance Improvisation" from Göteborgs Stad and have been arranging performance in diverse locations during the full year. The solos included dance, movement, voice and language, presented in space´s we found intriguing.

During 2019 we plan several solo-occasions.

Film and sound project 2006-2017

Me and Christina Hallström film and visual artist (NL) has been co-collaborating over the years when opportunity arise.

We have a mutual interest in moving images, room, sound and cross-cultural work. Some of this work is Noctiluca Miliaris, Hoppet and VARIA Lab.

FEMxTVÅ= Performance Improvisation 2013

A collaboration between me and among else Biggi Vinkeloe, to make Performance Improvisation more visible at stage.

Several artists and their guests presented over two periods, solo and duet-performance at two well-known Göteborg-stages - 24 Kvadrat and 3:e Våningen.

När-Varande 2011, 2012

A performance project I created for outdoor locations in Göteborg city. Four different pieces with the duration of ca 20-30 min, where produced "Blue Balance", "If I was a circle", "In-Between" and "For wolf in time". The specific place/outdoor scenario for each different performance-setting inspired to concept incl. chorography. Further various costumes and props was shaped for the six movement artists and amateurs that participated. The performance series took place over a period of two weeks in Göteborg and each piece was shown several times in much different locations with more or less "city-intensity".

In 2012, "Blå Balans" was invited to open The International "Day of Dance" at Vara Konserhus. The piece was extended and reworked from its original 25 minutes to a, ca 1-hour performance. "Blå Balans" was shown in the main-hall, entrance and surroundings of the concert hall - Like an on-going site-specific event of movement, balance and presence. 

VARIA Grows Nordic 2010

VARIA Grows Nordic was initiated by me and aiming for new Nordic network. Performers and artists such as Lisa Dillan, Eric McKenzie and Giorgio Convertito from the Nordic countries was invited, combined with planning and showing of performance project at the venue Aktör & Vänner. Special guest was Andrew Morrish from Australia. VGN was realized during Göteborg Dance and Theatre Festival.


A residence and International performance and installation project, at the venue Aktör & Vänner in Göteborg. BG went on for several days with installations, interactive performance and stage-performance in different constellations. A collaboration between me and VARIA, the venue, Johan Rödström, Michael Schumacher, Joel Brindefalk and the Gothenburg Opera Ballet.

DAMPcrew 2005 – 2008

A "Live art group" consisting of four artists - Me and Lo Caidahl, Isak Eldh and Olå Åstrand and our media - video, dance, music, sound, light, image etc. DAMPcrew also invited guests such as Kennet Klemets, Andre Califf and Michael Schumacher (poets, visual/music/dance artists) and toured together with multi-media performances in the western region of Sweden. Performances was presented at several Art-hall´s and Museums of Art ex: Strömstads Stadshus, Skövde Konstall, Steneby Konsthall, Bohusläns Museum Uddevalla, Bengstfors Konsthall, Vänersborgs Konsthall and other site specific locations as well as at Dansbyrån in Göteborg.

Skogspunk 2000-2008

Numerous of performances in Sweden and abroad where a mix of movement and visual art was presented at stage and at site specific location. Over a period of ca 10 years Skogspunk visited among else Atalante Göteborg, Moderna Dansteatern Stockholm, Ponderosa Festival Germany, Stenungsunds Kulturhus, Hamburgsunds Folketshus, Gustav Adolfstorg Göteborg, Konstepidemin Göteborg, Stadsteatern Göteborg, Konsthall Lokstallet Strömstad etc. Skogspunk was a collaboration between me and Anna Westberg.

Dansbandet 2002-2004

Improvisation and choreography, conversation and guests. In collaboration with Minna Elif Wendin and with Atalante, Göteborg.

Domino & Padash 1999-2005

Dance and music improvisation group initiated by me and in collaboration with among else Henrik Wartel, Karin Johansson, Anna Westberg & invited guest. Starting out as DOMINO -99, than moving on with the new name Padash, the group performed in many places in Göteborg and other Swedish locations such as museums, stages and site specific locations.

Stage Review


Group performance with Michael Schumacher and Henrik Wartel etc. Lagerträdshuset, Göteborg -04.

Duett performance with Theresia Björk, Atalante, Göteborg -04.

Group performance with Michael Schumacher, Per Petersson, Mary Oliver etc. Röda Sten, Göteborg -05.

Group performance with Michael Schumacher, Biggi Vinkeloe etc. Konsthall Lokstallet, Strömstad -05.

Group performance with Minna Kiper etc. Kalv Musik Festival, Kalv -06.

Solo performance, Pustervik Theatre, Göteborg -07.

Duett performance with Anna Westberg, Hamburgsunds Folkets Hus, Hamburgsund -07.

Duett performance with Anna Westberg, Kulturhuset Fregatten, Stenungsund -07.

Group performance, Rhöska Museum, Göteborg -08.

Group performance with Anna Westberg and Henrik Wartel at Bottna Kulturfestival, Skärholmen -08.

Duett performance with Anna Westberg, Tanz Land Festival Stolzenhagen, Germany -08.

Duett performance with Henrik Wartel, Kulturkalaset, Göteborg -09.

Solo performances, Galleri PS, Göteborg -09.

Duett performance with Henrik Wartel, Teater Aktör, Göteborg -09.

Solo performances, Göteborgs Konstbiennal/Konstepidemin, Göteborg -09.

Solo performances, Aquarius, Paris France -10.

Group performance with Giorgio Convertito, Lisa Dillan etc. Teater Aktör, Göteborg -10.

Solo performances, Konstepidemin, Göteborg -10.

Solo performance, Atalante, Göteborg -10.

Duett performance with Niklas Pohlman, Atalante, Göteborg -10.

Solo performance, Café Marco Zero, Göteborg -11.

Solo performance, Masthuggets Hus, Göteborg -11.

Trio performance with Vialka - Marylise Frecheville and Erik Boros, Atalante göteborg -11.

Solo & group performance with Andrew Morrish, Lilly Kiara, FreiStil, Berlin Germany -12.

Solo performances, Konstepidemin, Göteborg -12.

Solo performances, Danscentrum Väst Göteborg -12.

Solo performance, Nordingrå Kulturfestival, Järnsta -12.

Solo performance, Kulturkalaset Göteborg -12.

Solo performances, Galleri Pannrummet, Konstepidemin Göteborg -13.

Solo showings etc. Danscentrum Väst Göteborg -13.

Solos, 24 Kvadrat Göteborg -13.

Duett performances with Biggi Vinkeloe, 3:e våningen Göteborg -13.

Solo performance & Showing etc. VARIA Labb & VARIA Invites Mr Morrish, Danscentrum Väst, Göteborg -13

Solo performance, Solo-festival, Teater Trixter -14.

Voice performance, Göteborgs Visfestival, Musikens Hus, Göteborg -14.

Duett performance with Francois Lemonnier, Danscentrum Väst, Göteborg -14.

Voice/movement & video work Sight Specifik, Amsterdam, The Netherlands -14.

Solo performances, Improxchange Festival, Berlin, Germany -14.

Solo performance, Kulturnatta, Danscentrum Väst -14.

Duett performance with Maria M.Schröder, PIN (Performance Improvisation Network), Stockholm - 14.

Solo performances, Danscentrum Väst, Göteborg -15.

Solo performance, PETUNIEN Improvisations Series, Berlin Germany - 15.

Group performances, Ambassadörsfestival Hoppalappa, Konstepidemin Göteborg - 15.

Solo performance, in a collaboration with Textival & part of GIBCA Extended, site specific, Göteborg - 15.

Solo performance, VARIA2015  Improvisation Festival, Atalante Göteborg - 15.

Solo performance, Smedjan Göteborg - 15.

Solo performances, Galleri PS Göteborg -15.

Group performances, with among else Andrew Morrish, Rosalind Crisp, Susanne Martin, FreiStil Berlin, Germany -15.

Solo performances, Galleri PS, Göteborg -16.

Solo performances, Svenska Sjömanskyrkan Göteborg -16.

Solo performances, Tvärsnitt#1, 3:e Våningen Göteborg - 16.

Solo performance, Konstepidemin, Göteborg -16.

Solo performance, Tillt Göteborg -16.

Solo performances, Galleri BH5 Stenungsund - 16.

Trio performance with Peter Trotman & Andrew Morrish, Atalante Göteborg -16.

Solo performances, Tillt Göteborg -17.

Voice performance, Galleri 54 Göteborg -17.

Solo performances, Studio Myriam Doodge, Paris France -17.

Duett performances with Henrik Wartel, Konstepidemin, Göteborg -17.

Voice performances, 13 Festivalen, Konstepidemin Göteborg -18.

Solo performances, Tillt, Göteborg -18.

Voice performance, Kulturhuset Stenungsund -18.

Solo performances, VARIA18 SHORT CUT, Teater Uno Göteborg -18.

Solo performances, Solo 2018, Allégården Göteborg - 18.

Solo performance, Solo 2018, Hus 8, Konstepidemin Göteborg - 18.

Solo performances (including Maria M Schröder) Solo 2018, Hus 10, Konstepidemin Göteborg - 18.

Solo performances, Solo2019, Galleri PS Göteborg -19.

Solo performances, voice, Not Quite Fengersfors -19.

Solo performance, Wu ArtSpace Sjönevad -19.

Other work

Curating VARIA2004-19.

Residential practice and showing with among else Hui-Chun Lin in Gothenburg, August 2018 (arranged by Danscentrum Väst).

Residential practice and performance series with Martha Rodezno in Paris France, September 2017.

Networking and meetings in relation, NOW Festival in Berlin Germany, May 2017.

Creating network site "find performance improvisation" for festivals and series presenting Performance Improvisation, 2017.

Coaching/tutoring performance artists in relation to performance showings, Järnsta Kultur, Nordingrå 2017. 

Producing printed materials, layouts and logos in relation to own projects and for other artists, projects 1995-19.

Producing this website and other websites for other artists, projects etc. 2008-19.

Counselling operation-manager, Danscentrum Väst in relation to artists, pedagogues within movement improvisation 2016-17.

Seminar and conversation VARIA2015, "Practice in Performance Improvisation", 3:e Våningen, Göteborg -15.

Seminar VARIA2015, "Performance Improvisation & Solo", Contemporary Performative Arts", High School for stage & music, Göteborg -15.

Seminar, "Improvisation in education", PIN (Performance Improvisation Network), Stockholm - 14.

Workshop and artistic presentation, KV (Kursverksamhetens Konstskola), Göteborg -09.

Film and conversation VARIA2009, Performance Improvisation, Konstepidemin, Göteborg -09.

Workshop and conversation, Performance Improvisation, HDK (Högskolan för Designe och Konsthantverk), Göteborg -08.

Tutoring master-student,  HDK (Högskolan för Designe och Konsthantverk), Göteborg -07.

Curating exhibition "Vårsalong", Strömstads Konsthall, Strömstad, -05.


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Petersson teaches classes and intensive workshops in various Performance Improvisation techniques. Her skills include a great range of tools within movement/dance and voice/language alongside the apprehension of the room.

She is teaching professionals and/or amateur students from different generations within the fields of dance, theatre, performance art and visual art.

Petersson visited several educations, festivals and centres for diverse art with her workshops and classes as well as arranges her own well attended courses few times per year. Further she is coaching individual artists of diverse disciplines.

She has taught for some 20 years and has shared work with, and are inspired by artists, pedagogues such as Andrew Morrish, Kirstie Simson, Michael Schumacher, Ola Åstrand, Peter Trotman.

Petersson has taught at for example

Konstepidemin Hus 8, Göteborg 2019.

Kulturhuset Stenungsund 2018.

Järnsta Kultur, Nordingrå 2017.

Spinn Studio, Göteborg 2017

Museum Murberget, Härnösand 2016

Konstepidemin, Göteborg 2016

Danscentrum Väst and Studio Oscar, Göteborg 2000 - 2015

Dansverkstaedi, Reykjavik Island 2014

Vänersborgs Musikskola 2012

Nordingrå Kulturfestival, Järnsta 2012

Strömsstads Musikskola 2011

Angereds Yrkesdans program, Göteborg 2007 – 2010

HDK (Högskolan för design och Konsthantverk), Göteborg 2008

Kursverksamhetens Konstskola, Göteborg 2009

Gotlands Dance-education 2006 - 2008


KRO (Konstnärernas Riks Organisation)

DC Väst (Danscentrum Väst)